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Exceptional E-Liquids & Quality Personal Vaporizers

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About Us

    Since 2009 our objective has been to produce the finest quality     
e-liquids, and make them readily available to the vaping community.

We blend and bottle our flavors from the purest ingredients that can be found.  We create and produce these and our natural tobacco extracts at our dedicated lab facility in Florida, in addition to utilizing the services of a flavoring chemist to custom create some flavors. We do not use oil-based ingredients or flavorings.

ALL flavors have been through dozens of taste tests and only when they received A+ from the majority of testers, 
do we consider it a want2vape flavor.

We value our customers, our friends.
Our goal is to meet YOUR expectations through our commitment to the quality of our products and customer service!
Thank you for taking your time to visit us, we truly appreciate your patronage.

PO Box 342
Alford, FL 32420


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