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e-Liquid FAQ

Our base ingredients and  flavorings are pharmaceutical/ food grade and the nicotine levels we offer is what the e-Liquid is going to test out at. 

Most want2vape e-Liquids are a 70% PG/ 30% VG blend. Creme Brulee', EcoBerry, PURE, Peach Sensation and PURE "Smoke" are a 50/50 ratio, and Signature Blend Paris which is 5/95 PG/VG. Each individual product page also states the PG/VG ratios. We do not offer custom ratios at this time, as higher concentrations of VG dulls flavors. We prefer not to ship a product that isn't as good as we make it, therefore custom PG/VG ratios are not available. As much as we'd like to accommodate every preference, only a very small percentage of people are sensitive to PG, and our products perform and taste best at the ratios we offer. *
Our Natural Tobacco Extracts (NET's) contain some nicotine from the extraction process. As a result, our e-Liquids that are created from natural tobaccos may contain 1-3 mg/ml more than the stated nicotine strength. This is the case with all e-Liquids that have natural tobacco extracts, we're just letting you know about it. That includes the selection of zero nic strength, which in these cases may actually be 1-3 mg/ml.

Our 15 ml plastic bottles actually hold 17 ml of e-Liquid, while the 30 ml size holds 36 ml. 
Some people confuse PG (propylene glycol) with ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is the substance lethal to animals and humans. Propylene glycol is a benign substance used in many foods, pharmaceuticals, skin products and commercial tobacco, in addition to e-Liquid.

* We suggest that our customers who prefer a different base liquid buy our DIY Unflavored e-Liquid and e-Liquid Flavoring Concentrates and mix their own version of want2vape flavors. We feel that offers a better way to satisfy customers who have a strong base liquid preference and still allows us to maintain our high standard of quality control over the product we produce. 

Please note: Our Premium Tobaccos and Signature Blends are not available as concentrates. 
See the DIY e-Liquid Flavoring Concentrate list for the flavors that are available as DIY choices.  


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