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It's been said that cigarettes are fast burning tubes of paper that deliver a mostly steamy, ashy smoke.  Of course, the best of them don't fit that description. There are a few brands that are enjoyable in the same fashion that other great tobacco is enjoyable, such as French brand Gauloises and Players Navy Cut.

Paris Blend is a homage to the cigarette. A really good cigarette.  Whether your fancy runs toward the traditional American full flavor, or the more obscure European unfiltered, we think you will appreciate what this e-liquid brings to the table.  Enjoy!

If you are having trouble with 'gunky' cartos, please read the full review from a customer titled:
Je l'adore!
..."I finally picked up a proper dripping atomizer (Paradigm Magma), and wow, that was the key to unlock the full flavor and performance of this amazing juice."...  Crashcup
*Note that Paris Blend is a 5/95 PG/VG Blend

All Signature Blend e-liquids contain only PG, VG, natural tobacco extracts, nicotine, and in some, natural flavorings (none of which are oil based).

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