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Signature Blends (Formerly Vapenstein Blends)

The removal of the Vapenstein name and graphics are the only change to these tobaccos. The products will remain the same. want2vape and Dr. Vapenstein have parted ways as his association with us was purely on a consultation basis in the development of these tobaccos and his name was used in the promotion of them.  Dr. Vapenstein is not nor has not ever been a staff member of want2vape.

Today I am extraordinarily happy and proud to announce the fruit of much labor over the last few months. Today is when I get to tell you about a big secret I've been keeping; want2vape Signature Blend E Liquid.

The whole goal of want2vape Blend is to recreate as well as we are capable of doing the depth and potency of premium tobacco. These aren't subtle, perfume-y tobacco vapes. There is no mystery nut with throat hit here. These are bold, robust tobacco vapes that are closer to the real thing than anything that exists in the vaping world. Are these juices perfect? No. We are constantly working on methods to clarify them without gutting their essence. We will similarly strive to constantly develop methods and recipes that showcase how good a tobacco vape can be.

want2vape Blend is not going to be for everyone, but if you vape and you love tobacco, you're in for a real treat.  All want2vape Blend juice contains only PG, VG, natural tobacco extracts, nicotine, and in some, natural flavorings (none of which are oil based). They are all 70%PG/30%VG for maximum flavor and throat hit, available from 0-36mg nicotine.

The first three juices in the want2vape Signature Blend line are:
London Blend - Bright Virginias, spicy small leaf Orientals and smoky Latakia tobaccos combine in our version of the traditional English pipe blend. Dark, deep, robust and smoky, this blend is our love song to tobacco and tobacco loving vapers. The jewel of the line.

Managua Blend - A dark, oily Corojo-wrapped maduro, lightly toasted. This incredible cigar vape has shades of coffee, grain and leather and hits all the right notes without stinking up the room.

Stockholm Blend - Rustic, earthy tobacco with a flavorful topping of anise. The inspiration for this blend is Swedish snus, and the resulting vape is surprisingly rich and satisfying.
More are in the works, more will follow, perhaps to include some non-tobaccos I'd like to make as well.

We are very proud of these juices and we hope you'll agree that there is nothing like them. The point was to make the World's Best Tobacco Vapes, and I feel that we have succeeded in that goal. Consider this a gift from one tobacco lover to another.
Let me tell you something: making a good tobacco vape is hard.

There have been many, many failures along the way. A tobacco doesn't make a good tobacco extract just because the tobacco is good. You're losing the element of fire in an extract, so trying to capture flavor that you enjoy while smoking tobacco is next to impossible. 
We succeeded, wildly, with  London Blend. Not that my other juice isn't good too, it's just that London hit it out of the park, and I want that level of success with all our juice. 
Well, after much blood, sweat and tears I am thrilled to tell you that Blend #4 is now available, Louisville Blend. 
Louisville Blend is Burley. Burley is in just about all cigarette tobacco. It's also a uniquely American tobacco to smoke in a pipe. Burley in a pipe is just about as American as Chevys and prom night. It's what your great grampa smoked most likely.
The beauty of Burley is its nutty sweetness, its earthy cigar-like notes, its high nicotine content, and its consistency. Burley is consistent. It doesn't care if your smoking technique is perfect or what you had for lunch that day. It's just predictable and good from match to heel. 
And for those of you who could care less about pipes, I have a feeling this one will be a big hit with you too. Like I said, Burley is in almost all cigarette tobacco, so the tobacco flavor in Louisville will most likely be more familiar to you than my previous juice. This is just a delicious, earthy tobacco that is naturally sweet without any additives or sweeteners. This is the want2vape Blend version of the all day tobacco vape.


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