Alcazar Cigar

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This inexpensive Maduro cigar was introduced in 1998 and features a medium body. It is named after the famous race horse of the same name.

It took some time perfecting a new extraction technique for this tobacco, and the lessons learned show in the end product. If all you've ever vaped is some company's artificial cigar flavoring squirted into some base, you are going to be shocked when you try Alcazar. It's a cigar vape on a whole new level.

want2vape Alcazar is currently the closest you are going to get to smoking a Maduro in a vape liquid. Rich and dark, the lingering finish of this e-liquid will make you think you just smoked a cigar.

This is a 65/35 PG/VG Blend
All Premium Tobacco Blend e-liquids contain only PG, VG, natural tobacco extracts, nicotine, 
and in some, natural flavorings (none of which are oil based).

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