Your Complete Guide on How to Choose the Best E-Liquid

When it comes to e-liquid, there's a surprising amount of things to think about. You have a whole lot more control over your experience than with smoking, and the more you know — the better it will be. Between getting the right VG and PG and knowing the nicotine level that suits you is essential.

For many people, flavor preference is a matter of trial and error. It's sensible for new vapers to select a meaty, tobacco e-liquid to satisfy the taste for smoking.

Read on to find out how to choose the best e-liquid based on what you want to get out of vaping. 

The Endless Variety of E-Liquid

As you become better acquainted with vaping e-liquid, you'll likely start to try out different flavors. You're in luck, because there are so many to choose from! When you take into consideration VG levels, PG levels, nicotine and potentially blending e-liquid flavors, the possibilities are almost infinite.

For a vaper who's just learning the e-liquid ropes, it's an exciting time. You can work your way through food-flavored vape juice, sweet and fruity vape juice, beverage flavored vape juice and rich tobacco tastes. Some vape masters prefer using different flavored e-liquids for a select time of day, while others just mix it up all the time.  For more, follow the above link to read- Best Vape Flavors 2020.

Choosing the Right PG and VG

Now, getting to the serious stuff. E-liquid is made from either vegetable glycerol, propylene glycerol or a mixture of the two. If you're looking for a vape experience with billowing plumes of smoke and a sweet, light throat-feel, VG-dominant e-liquid is best for you. On the other hand, if you're all about feeling the strength in your mouth and throat, you'll want a PG-heavy e-liquid. 

Manufacturers understand customer's need to get the levels just right for their personal taste. As such, you can get VG only e-liquid, PG only e-liquid and a mixture of the two in varying ratios.

For example, you can get 60% VG and 40% PG if you want to get the best of both worlds with an extra focus on plumes. A 20:80 PG to VG ratio would give you a strong flavor in your throat with more billowing smoke than you'd get from pure PG. 

E-Liquid and Nicotine

The next important consideration to make when you're choosing e-liquid is nicotine. Make the selection depending on how many cigarettes you smoke a day.

E-liquid comes in three main strength levels: Low, medium and high. If you were a light smoker, choose low nicotine levels, under 6mg. If you were a moderate smoker, go for medium, which is between 9mg and 16mg. Heavy smokers should opt for high nicotine, which is over 18mg. If you're looking to cut down on nicotine, you can use e-liquid to gradually cut the rate so your body doesn't get a shock.

Try to make sure you get the right strength for your needs. Too much nicotine and you might get headaches, too little and you might vape too much, too fast or get frustrated and return to cigarettes.

How to Choose the Best Tobacco E-Liquid

Now you know the basics, here's a step by step guide on how to choose the best e-liquid for your personal taste:

  1. Choose your flavors
  2. Select the nicotine level most appropriate to your needs
  3. Decide on the best PG to VG ratio
  4. Get two or three different e-liquids and taste test them against each other
  5. Make a note of your favorite flavors!

The Most Flavorsome Tobacco E-Liquids

If you've just stopped smoking cigarettes, the chances are you'll want to enjoy a naturally extracted tobacco e-liquid. These are some of the most popular vape juice flavors for people who are looking to try a variety of tobacco flavors:

  • Alcazar Cigar

These gritty, medium-bodied cigars are perfect for people who like their tobacco flavors earthy and robust. The best Alcazar cigar tobacco e-liquid is made from extract taken directly from the Maduro cigar. It's almost like you're sat on a beach in Cuba smoking the real deal! 

  • C I Cigar

Green tea, peach and pine underpin the smoky tobacco flavor of the C I Cigar. This e-liquid is ideal for people looking for a full-bodied vaping experience with a focus on the tobacco flavor and mouth-feel. This 46:54 PG to VG blend ratio blend has the ideal balance that lets you puff huge plumes of vapor into the air while still enjoying the robust flavor. 

  • Coffee-Infused Cigar

Tobacco and coffee actually have a similar flavor profile, with bitterness, sweetness and earthiness dominating the aroma. The extra dimension gives this coffee-infused cigar an indulgent and ultra-tasty flavor.

  • Red Pirate

When you breathe in the scent of this tobacco e-liquid, you'll feel like you're smelling directly from the pouch. This mellow yet rich e-liquid is perfect for people who prefer a smooth non-harsh smoke.

  • The Blond

We use natural extracts for a pleasant and delicious vaping experience. The "Blond" is extracted from premium cigars infused with botanicals to add richness and depth for an awesome cigar vape. This is the cigar world's version of an aromatic pipe blend. 

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

When it comes to e-liquid, you need to understand that it's not a one size fits all process. Most people need to try out multiple flavors before they find the ones that suit their preferences. This is the fun of being new to the vaping world — hundreds of e-liquid flavors and combinations to choose from! 

Different brands tend to taste vastly different. So, if you weren't a fan of a particular flavor from one manufacturer, you might like a similar blend from a different brand. Look for e-liquids that use natural extracts as much as possible, because this will give you the true genuine flavor profile without any artificial aftertaste.

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